About “Love Shapes”

I’ve never quite understood love myself.  Probably because I don’t think I’ve never been “in love”, as I have personally defined it for myself.  That I can remember.  Which I suppose answers itself.

But I’ve had crushes.  I’ve dated.  I’ve cared intensely for boys.  So I have my own stories that have shaped me.  Just as I’ve learned that others have their own.  I’ve gotten so much pleasure over the past several years learning other’s stories and how their experiences with love have shaped them.

Love can be a never ending circle.  A square.  With starts.  Stops.  And detours.  Even a n octagon.  With so many bits and parts that have helped define how you feel about romantic love.

Because that’s my focus.  Romantic love.  And how it has shaped a bit of our stories.


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