About the Author

I would say that it’s a little weird to write about myself but that’s probably only half true.  I’ve been blogging about my personal feelings, boys, friends, and general life occurrences since I learned of the awesome-ness that is the internets.  So this is weird in that I’m writing basic facts about myself.  Not writing a story.

I’ve always been interested in other people.  Their love lives, in particular.  Their heartache and heartbreak.  Their gooey mushy feelings they tell me about.  Their excitement at that initial spark.  Their successes and failures of it all.  So I’ve decided to put a snapshot of their love lives down for others to read and enjoy.

I currently live in Austin, TX and work as a teacher for a nonprofit after school program.  I also share residence with my cat, Samuel L. Jackson and my turtle, F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Just taking it one day at a time.  Trying not to eventually become a crazy cat lady.


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